March further growth in Austrian sawlog prices

Created on 15 March 2022
Bright business activity almost onall sawn-softwood markets made it possible for the Austrian sawmilling industry, too, to use its cutting capacity massively in the beginning of 2022.

The greater output also ledto a significantly quicker decrease in roundwood stocks. According to the new timber-market report of the conference of presidents of the Austrian Chambers of Agriculture (LWK), sawmills’ stocks of coniferous logs are claimed to be only average for March. Some value-adders even state that some stocks are even far less than a usual level at the end of the main felling season. 

Demand for coniferoussawlogs had been high until recently. Forest owners have used this demand to make the market accept higher prices. According to the LWK, the average price range for the benchmark grade of spruce is €100-115/m³ ex forest. For the moment the prices of €125-130/m³ are already being paid for spot lots. As long as the roads are still in an acceptable condition after the winter, logs put out for collection is being picked up and removed very quickly. There are no reports on any significant stocks in forest depots in Austria. 

According to the Austrian value-adders, a below-average supply of spruce sawlogs in the Czech Republic has also had the effect of prices’ increase 

Currently almost no unallocated volumes of softwood sawlogs are being offered in southern and central Germany as well. Spot-market prices for B-grade L 2b+ here are also appreciably higher than on the domestic markets at €130/m³ ex forest. 

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