Latvian lumber exports decreased more considerably again

Created on 20 February 2023
In the 3rd quarter, exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber from Latvia decreased by 14% to 706,951 m³, following single-digit decreases in the 1st (-9%) and 2nd (-1%) quarters.

In accordance with the preliminary data published by the Latvian statistics body, sales to Great Britain went down at an above-average rate of 35% to 289,520 m³, or by 14% to a proportion of 41% of total exports from Latvia. The volume of exports to South Korea, at 19,667 m³, went down by 38% short of the previous year‘s level.

Over the first 9 months exports fell down by 8% to 2.231m m³. Lumber sales to Great Britain and the Netherlands declined by 18% comparing to the preceding year to 941,320 m³ and 112,665 m³ respectively. The statistics body also recorded double-digit figures of slow down in exports to Germany (-21% to 78,143 m³) and South Korea (-43% to 76,667 m³). This contrasted with a 16% rise to 190,530 m³ in exports to Estonia. Deliveries to the USA more than quadrupled to 142,904 m³. A volume of 85,613 m³ was sold to Japan, representing a rise of 20% in comparison with the previous year.

Classified according to type, exports of rough-sawn softwood lumber remained almost stable, at 1.524m m³. Exports of planed lumber decreased by one-fifth to 706,477 m³.

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