Alder Round Logs

Alder is the common name of a genus of flowering plants (Alnus) belonging to the birch family Betulaceae. The largest species are red alder (A. rubra) on the west coast of North America, and black alder (A. glutinosa), native to most of Europe and widely introduced elsewhere, both reaching over 30 m. 

As a hardwood, alder is used in making furniture, cabinets, and other woodworking products. 

The wood is soft, white when first cut, turning to pale red; the knots are attractively mottled. The timber is not used where strength is required in the construction industry, but is used for paper-making, the manufacture of fibreboard and the production of energy. Under water the wood is very durable and is used for deep foundations of buildings. The wood is used in joinery, both as solid timber and as veneer, where its grain and colour are appreciated, and it takes dye well. As the wood is soft, flexible and somewhat light, it can be easily worked as well as split. It is valued in turnery and carving, in making furniture, window frames, clogs, toys, blocks, pencils and bowls.



We offer following trade specifications:


Black Alder logs


Country of origin Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
Diameters 18+ cm
Lengths 3 m (+ 10 cm)
Grades A, B, C (C 10% - max)
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Rīga, LV-1039, Latvija
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