Exports to European countries from Finland decreased by 26%

Created on 02 January 2023
In the 3rd quarter, exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber from Finland to other European countries fell by 26% to 764,913 m³, following decrease of 4% in both the 1st and 2nd quarters.

As a proportion of total exports, this shows a decline of 15 percent to 40%. According to export trade statistics revealed by the Finnish customs authority, exports to Great Britain (147,195 m³) and France (65,665 m³) each halved comparing to 2021. Exports to Germany fell by 26% to 102,081 m³.

The decrease in exports to European countries was changed by a 39% rise in deliveries to non-European countries to 1.157m m³. The proportion of exports to the countries outside Europe thus grew by 15 percent to 60%. Rises were registered in exports to North Africa (+49% to 474,433 m³), the Near and Middle East (+8% to 189,124 m³) and East Asia (+43% to 468,620 m³). Exports to Egypt (+81% to 366,993 m³) and China (+189% to 267,220 m³) grew at above-average rates. A decline, by contrast, was recorded concerning deliveries to Japan (-21% to 155,020 m³). Sales to the USA (12,502 m³) only amounted to around 60% of the previous year’s volume.

Accumulated during the first nine months, exports valuing €2.061bn decreased by 3% in terms of volume to 6.301m m³.

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