Europe exports of sawnwood to the US increased by 26%

Created on 13 September 2021

Europe’s exports of sawn softwood to the US in July were around 3% higher than the figure of July 2020 at a total of 2.929m m³. 

According to the US Department’s of Agriculture data, FAS imports from Canada grew by 1% in comparison with the same month in the previous year to 2.494m m3 while those from the EU were increased by around 26% to 304,723 m³. What’s interesting, 11% less sawnwood was sold from Germany as the key supplier state at 133,130 m³. However, the higher speed of growth registered by FAS was for Romania. Therefore, the imports were higher than the preceding year’s figure at 72,206 m³. Swedish imports were 58% up at 31,530 m³, which showed just almost the same growth as in the Czech Republic (+70% to 12,696 m³). On the contrary, imports from Austria decreased greatly (-25% to 24,987 m³). Europe’s share of the USA’s total sawn-softwood imports rose by nearly two percent in June to 10.4%.

Despite the regressive prices on the US market in May-June, the import cost practically doubled to US$1.050bn. The average price of the imports from Europe was almost 86% than a year before at US$496.4/m³.

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