US lumber imports from Europe 60 % higher than in 2019

Created on 04 January 2021

The USA purchased definitely more softwood lumber from Europe again in October than it had in the same month of 2019. At 333,513 m³, the imported volume of lumber was 60 % higher than a year earlier. The growth rate had still been 54 % in the first nine months.

At 146,097 m³, the shipments from Germany were only up by 27 %. The data from the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), represent that imports from Sweden, on the other hand, were doubled to 83,060 m³ and those from Romania were more than trebled to 44,053 m³. Due to the higher prices, the import value increased up to130 % to US$117.5m, which shows an increase of almost 44% in the arithmetical import value to €352.5m³.

What is more, the imports from Canada also increased more considerably again. At 2.944m m³, the figure was 14 % higher than in 2019. The USA imported a total of 3.421m m³ in October, a growth of 19% against the same period of 2019.

The US imports thus amount to 29.056m m³ for the first ten months of 2020, almost 1 % more than in the same period of 2019. Imports from Europe increased at an above-average rate of 55 % to 2.511m m³. Those from Canada were 3 % down, at 25.358m m³. Europe’s share of the total imports thus increased by three percent to 8.6 %.

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