Linden Round Logs

Linden (Tilia) is a genus of about 30 species of trees native throughout most of the temperate Northern Hemisphere. Its species are mostly large, deciduous trees, reaching typically 20 to 40 metres (66 to 130 ft) tall, with oblique-cordate leaves 6 to 20 centimetres (2 to 8 in) across.

The timber of linden trees is soft and easily worked; it has very little grain and a density of 560 kg per cubic metre. It is a popular wood for model building and intricate carving. Especially in Germany, it was the classic wood for sculpture from the Middle Ages onwardsю The wood is used in marionette, puppet making and carving. Having a fine light grain and being comparatively light in weight, it has been used for centuries for this purpose despite modern alternatives being available, and is still one of the main materials used today.

Ease of working and good acoustic properties also make it popular for electric guitar and bass bodies and wind instruments such as recorders. In the past, it was typically used (along with Agathis) for less-expensive models. However, due to its better resonance at middle and high frequencies, and better sustain than alder, it is now more commonly used in the "superstrat" type of guitar. It can also be used for the neck because of its excellent material integrity when bent and ability to produce consistent tone without any dead spots, according to Parker Guitars. In the percussion industry, Tilia is sometimes used as a material for drum shells, both to enhance their sound and their aesthetics.

Linden wood is known in the aquarium industry for its use as an air diffuser inside protein skimmers. Air pumped through the grain of the wood turns into consistently very fine bubbles (0.5-1.0 mm), difficult to achieve with any other natural or man-made medium. However, the wood decomposes underwater much faster than ceramic air stones and must be replaced more frequently for maximum efficiency.

It is also the wood of choice for window blinds and shutters. Real wood blinds are often made from this lightweight but strong and stable wood, which is well suited to natural and stained finishes.



We offer following trade specifications:


Linden logs (Tilia)


Country of origin Romania
Diameters 26+ cm
Average Diameters 30 cm
Lengths 2 m (+10 cm)
Grades A, B, C



Without star heart rot, or suffocation

Measurement: Diameter at the middle of the log, Huber scale

Curvature 3-5% in a single plane

Bark Deduction: 1 cm under 40 diam, 2 cm over 40 diam


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